Top 5; iOS 12/12.1/12.2/12.3/13 Update Problems and Fixes

Are are you having a Problem with your IOS 12? If you don't want to iPhone repair shop to fix this Problem Read on to get the idea about how to solve these problems. Most of the iPhone user is facing an error while installing and Downloading IOS 12. Force Restart your iPhone and quit the settings. Still didn't work Ask support from an iPhone repair technician. If your IOS 12 stuck while preparing updates, Delete OTA files and download it again. Check your network connection and force restart your iPhone.

If you are having a problem with your personal hotspot due to the new IOS update. Fix your problem by disabling and enabling your Hot spot option. That might trigger it and sort out your problem. IPhone repair You can also fix this problem by turning on Airplane mode for a while and then turn off all the connection option. This technique might help you to sort out your problem.

Reset your Network setting - If you are still having the same issue with your Personal Hotspot then Go to settings > General > reset and then reset your network setting. This procedure will help you to reset all your personal hotspot settings, cellular settings, wifi network and passwords everything with your new VPN & APN setting.

IOS 12 keyboard glitch - While having IOS 12 you might face disturbance in your keyboard settings. Sometimes most of the Phone users reported an issue about their keyboard working abruptly and causing frustration. In order to fix this problem, you need to try a few tips. Go to settings > General > iPhone storage and select an app that you need to offload. Click on it and Delete this app. You can also fix your Problem by turning off reachability.